Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Banana Matcha (Green Tea) Smoothie... Mmmmm ;)

The last couple of days have been fun. Ngoc and I purchased a couple of lower priced Matcha (Japanese green tea powder) from Nishiri Supermarket at Japantown San Francisco, and we experimented with a couple of Matcha smoothie recipes.
The two Matcha included Maeda-en Matcha 1.0 oz ($10.50) and HB Hosoda Bros. Inc. 1.4 oz ($8.50). There were three tests.

Test one: we prepared each Matcha with 180 degree F warm drinking water and whip the Matcha drink into a froth state for consumption. Hosoda Bros. Matcha was terribly bitter. Maeda-en Matcha was bitter, but less bitter as compared with Hosoda Bros. brand.

Test two: we prepared Maeda-en Matcha by blending with ice, "Silk" brand soy milk, Matcha, and sugar. Such smoothie blend was good.

Test three: Maeda-en Matcha was blended with all items noted in "Test two" and added (1) banana. This was enough to make three cups.

Test three was definitely our family favorite. It has just the perfect level of natural sweetness. We anticipate a lifestyle that includes Matcha as these drinks include 10-15 times the nutritions found in regular steeping of green teas. For more information on Matcha, check out Tea Summit Matcha Link.


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