Saturday, May 30, 2009

To whisk or not to whisk...

In Search of a Whisk

The traditional manner to enjoy the Matcha drink is by whisking this emerald green beverage into a froth. When searching for a suitable utensil to froth the Matcha, price, material, origin, number of prongs, and fabricator may all be of consideration. There are the traditionanl bamboo whisk vs. modern electric milk whip.

Some modern tea enthusiast do not mind going with a modern electric milk whip because it saves time. I've yet to try one.

We stayed the course of a traditional bamboo whisk. While searching for a decent whisk in Japan Town, we found ones as depicted in the picture for as low as $10 each to as high as $40 at another store. The prices online varies from $15 to $18 for this particular made in China bamboo whisk. I bought one from a wholesaler to test and it works fine.

For those that would adhere to the tradition of buying one from a master whisk artisan from Japan, the price for a non-ceremonial whisk may be as low as $26 to a ceremonial whisk as high as $100 each. Then with such an expensive investment, you may want to buy a whisk holder to help store and keep the whisk in true form.

Proper Cleaning Tips or Else

A friend has shared her experience with her whisk getting moldy after one use. We asked a couple of whisk sales person for tip in cleaning the whisk to avoid this. The suggestions were to follow the following steps:

a) Wash in hot water.
b) Shake the whisk free of most water.
c) Allow the whisk to air dry and do not store until it is dry.

We continue to enjoy our Matcha for the past week. Looking forward to trying new recipe of this healthy elixir.

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