Friday, May 15, 2009

Ice Tea to Cool Warm Spring Day

We made Iced Teas at the Sunnyvale Farmers Market on May 9, with Lichee Black and Summer Burst... Terrific responses! Used two Travel Buddies.
Add 4-5 teaspoons of teas or tisanes.
Fill halfway with hot water in Travel Buddies.
Let steep for 3 minutes.
Pour cold water to fill the rest of the way.
Had two separate ice bags, one opened for the cooler and one still in the bag and used for samples.
Let the iced teas sit in the ice chest.
When a customer wanted to try such cool samples, add couple of ice cubes.
Among our favorite and available iced teas are:
Summer Burst
Lichee Black Tea
Green Rooibos Desert Nectar
High Mountain (3 types)
Keep in mind that you may use any teas as iced teas.
[article by Ngoc Tai]

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